Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On Your Marks

The rush into the holiday season is going to be a doozy for me this year. We were all slogging along at work until WHAM! we were hit with the most studies I have ever seen at one time.

On top of the fact that we are all taking on at least 5 a piece (our max) they are just simple one and done studies. I know this makes no sense to everyone but trust me they are complicated mutherfuckers. Each one requiring travel during the next month.

Next week I have a conference to attend - luckily it's in town. The following week I'm in Chicago then back quick for Thanksgiving. The week after I spend Monday in Chicago and then fly to LA for the next 3 days, then back home.

All of this travel will be happening while I should be maintaining my other 4 studies which will also be transitioning. Then another study that SOMEONE has to take the week after which will be travel to Boston.

THEN - I get a vacation for four days with my sweet man and off we go to Seattle to see his niece who is turning 12!!! OMG she's gonna want a training bra I just know it. I think I'm the "cool aunt" that will be the one who fields those questions too dangit.

I should say thought that a lot of stress has been relieved now that the kitchen is completely done. All doors are on, all drawers in their place and most importantly a pretty new COUNTERTOP!!! We're done people! Do you know what this means??? BAKING GALOOOOORE.

Pics of finished kitchen to come as well as anything I might bake - cause I know you all like to drool over the baked treats. Recipe's are always available if requested - I just figure no body really wants to know that stuff.


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