Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is It Hot In Here?

I have weird musical tastes. It is true. Never have been into any sort of pop music. And by pop music I mean what ever is POP-ular on the top 40. A lot of people say, "I like Beyonce or Hoobastank" and I say, "so you like pop music" and they scoff.

I've never been good at liking the music my friends like or people my age like.

I dig Bonnie Raitt. Not her more country stuff. I dig her raw blues stuff that you can just feel her grinding it out. I've gone to see her twice. She was hot both times. She literally grinds on her guitar and not in some slutty way. It's in this raw, sweaty, feeling the music kind of way. Lyle Lovett opened for her one time I saw her and that turned me on to him. I always thought he was straight country too but I was pleasantly surprised to hear his more bluesy stuff.

Mr. M has a vast knowledge and love of music. He loves it all, Punk-Rock, Old School Country, Jazz, Blues, Baroque, Romantic, etc etc. I've found a lot of new music loves through his collection of music.

Get to the point woman!

So we're watching tv flippin channels while eating dinner and I see that Michael Buble is on TPT (public television) so I figure what the heck I'll give him a try. See what he has to offer.

HOLY SHIT PEOPLE. I got the tinglies down in my girly parts. WHOA. He's got a voice like butter and I have always loved me some baritone range singers. Don't dig the tenors so much but if they can rumble my tummy and do it smoothly they can pretty much have their way with me.

It's minus 2 outside here... but I'm plenty warm after watching Mr. Buble.

Should I not be telling you that I just searched the internet to see if he was married and straight?

yea... probably shouldn't be mentioning that.


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