Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I've Never Seen So Clearly On A Foggy Day

Just returned from our annual trip out to Seattle/Portland to see Mr. M's niece, sister, and friends.

To say the trip was perfect would be an understatement. We made love everyday, snuggled, held hands in the cool brisk Seattle air, ate lovely extravagant meals, and saw friends and family.

On our last night in Seattle we decided to walk from our hotel to the place where we were meeting everyone for dinner. Seattle is lit up with twinkly christmas lights at this time of year and the weather is wet and cool.

We began our stroll to dinner hand in hand with coats and scarves. Our steps in sync with eachothers. Left.. right... left... right.

Our pace was slow and deliberate.

The fog was light and misty. Just enough so you could feel your face come alive with the cool mist but not enough to give you a chill. The harbor was barely visible through the misting fog and the twinkly lights seemed to streak across the night air.

It was at this moment that I was assured, once again, that this man is the father of my children and my companion for life. For no one else in my past present or future will be able to make me feel so warm and so secure on a night such as this. As the the palm of his hand fits mine so perfectly it couldn't be any other way.


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