Friday, December 16, 2005

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was this girl who lived in a house with her beloved man and her kitten.

She went to work everyday and came home everynight. She waited patiently for her dear boyfriend to ask her those three magical words. Sometimes she didn't wait so patiently - but nonetheless she waited.

Then one day the girl missed her period...

A month later she missed another one.

THe girl had been on birth control for 8 years and had missed some periods before but never 2 in a row. So she grew nervous. She was worried about how she would tell her family and friends. She worried about what to tell her boyfriend.

So the girl went to the grocery store and bought a pregnancy test which actually was a 2 for 1 so at least she saved money. That made the girl happy in a weird sort of way.

On the way home from the grocery store the girl thought of all that could happen from this one little test. She thought about having a baby with her beloved man and how it would be lovely. However she did feel that it wasn't the way she would want to write her life. She wanted it to be a ring, then a wedding, then a baby.

The girl took the test and lo and behold it was negative. THe girl was relieved but at the same time felt a little sad. She so badly wants to have babies someday and even though the timing wasn't right she had gotten a bit excited about the possibility.

The end.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger Elizabeth Blair York said...

Oh, honey.

I came here to de-lurk and see this.

You're not alone.

So many times I've peed on that dang stick, parayed for the single pink line, prayed for it, prayed for it, seen it - huffed out a big sigh of relief.

And then cried.

The "maybe's...."? They hurt.

Hang in there.


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