Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Irony Of Dreams

Throughout my dating life... I always wished for a boyfriend who was honest and had integrity. Many times I thought, it must not exist for all I find is dishonest piles of poo.

Until I met MR. M

Mr. M is the epitomy of honesty and integrity. So much so.... that sometimes I wish he'd stop!

This morning he was half awake when I kissed him goodbye and snuggled up next to him on the bed to get a hug before I left. He said with his eyes still closed and mumbling, "I'm sorry, I cheated on you."

He's done this before so I wasn't alarmed.

I whispered back in my "I'm talking to a sleeping person that I love voice".

ME: What happened honey?

HIM: I'm sorry... I was wearing her shoes.

ME: Who's shoes?

HIM: Jennifers shoes. I didn't come home all night and the next morning I showed up at home with her shoes on.

---side note... Jennifer is an ex girlfriend from like 15 years ago hehehe. Who is now married and pregnant in Washington

ME: How do you know you cheated on me? Maybe you were just wearing her shoes?

HIM: no .. I know I did. I remember the sex.

ME: ok, well... don't let it happen again.

HIM: I'm sorry, I won't let it happen again.

On my way to work I realized the absolute irony of this situation because a dream I had last night jumped into my consciousness.

I dreamt of Mr. M and I's wedding day. Everything down to the weird cream colored tux he wore with oversized tennis shoes ( I have no idea people.. it was a DREAM!)I remember feeling so happy and complete and fulfilled. It was a lovely dream.

Here I am dreaming of my wedding day... and he's dreaming of sleeping with ex-girlfriends. Does everyone see the big giant red flag here? Does it make it anybetter that he told me about his dream? Do our dreams mean anything?


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