Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Amish and such

There are a couple of reasons I haven't posted in a while. The first one being that I've been on a whirlwind of family reunions in the past few weeks. One involved an 11 hour boat ride with about 67 Amish people... don't ask. Well, you can ask, but I probably won't write about it till things get a little less busy around here.

Which brings me to reason number two. I'm busy! Work has been none stop, reorg and cross over to the new company has definitely had it's annoyances. One of which seems to be affected the month in which I receive my 1 year promotion to Senior Project Director. You can mess with me all you want at work, but don't mess with my pay raises or there will be hell to pay!

Another of the many reasons for my hiatus is Mr.M's recent endeavor of being a TV producer has finally come to light. He has sold his show and has someone actually willing to air it. How lovely! I'm very pleased and I would also like to take this moment to thank God for not letting this happen until now. If this would have happened 6 months ago I would have been a wreck and it would have crushed my relationship. We are now both more secure in 'us' and can move forward with this new life changing event. It might just be true what they say, God has perfect timing. So, if any of you live in New England or get America One Sports channel you're in luck, you'll get to see my sweet man's show and I hope you like it!

The kitchen is still in limbo. Nothing has moved or shifted. No tile has been laid, no floor been leveled. We're at a standstill and it's mostly due to the three previous items I listed. Still hoping to complete this before the end of summer.

Mr.M will be in vegas for TWO WEEKS. The longest we've been apart since our start 2 years ago. When he told me this he was quick to add that of course I'd come to visit half way through so as to make it not such a long time apart. swoooooon.

I'm reading all your blogs... so keep writing. Just haven't had a lot of time to put my own words down.

Weightwatchers is working! down to 148!!! I have to admit though... it sucks a big giant fatty.


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