Thursday, July 21, 2005

I am WonderWoman's Evil Twin

I need to learn how to stretch my work load out over a whole day. I always go hog wild in the morning and am left sleepy and bored at 2:30 on. So I read all the blogs and I check all the email and then I stare off into nothingness.

So to try and spice up the seemingly endless afternoon... I give you... a real email conversation with me and my friend Jeffraaaay.

Jeff to Suz:
Oh, man.
pillar of strength. Have I told you that you have a passing
resemblance to Lynda Blair of Wonderwoman fame? Tell him you'll be his
Wonderwoman. He'll think that's hot. Or funny. Or gross. Whatever.
How's the career?

Suz to Jeff:
career's going ok. Just went through my first corporate Reorganization. Weird.

So... let me get this straight, you want me to do the same job I do
with different bosses, with a different title, for a different
company... but nothings changing... errr ok whatever.

People have told me the wonderwoman thing before... something about
the blue eyes and dark hair I think. Maybe I'll be wonderwoman for
halloween. :D

Jeff to Suz:
Interviewed with [biggiantnutscompany] this morning. More on that tomorrow.
Gotta go. Kid's illin' and I gotta get a move on. Tell me more about
this Corporate reorganization later!! I want to hear a bout it. Maybe
I'll get to chat when I get home.

Suz to Jeff:
That place looks pretty damn cool. It also looks like a place that
takes 1+ hour lunches so its A+ in my book!
I'm assuming you interviewed for a graphic design position... any word
on salary? did it feel like they wanted you?

Jeff to Suz:
It was just a phone screening by HR.
Place seems pretty cool. New position they just created. Mid 30s to
40k. Working with actual clients to create identities. If asked to
interview, I will. Curious to see what exactly they offer. Dakota and
I went there once for a seminar. She wanted to work there. Well,
actually we both did at the time.

Suz to Jeff:
oh that would totally kill her if you got hired at the a place she
idolized.... I'm evil, truly I really am. Maybe I"m wonderwoman's evil
cousin. Maybe I'm the evil cousin because I weigh 30 lbs more than
wonderwoman and I'm pissed off trying to get revenge... yea.. thats it
for sure.

Jeff to Suz:
HAHA. Sweet. Actually, I'm pretty sure you weigh less than Lynda,
because she was pretty tall. She was more like my size, but more
muscle. Probably around 160. She was built like an out of shape
volleyball star..
I don't know if she idolized the place, but she did think it was
really cool. As long as she doesn't get hired as Creative Development
Manager, I'll be o.k.

I'll spare you from the rest... it was in total a 16 email thread. My yahoo messenger isn't workin for some reason. I think the IT dude at work prolly put the snub on that. I used the web based version as I don't have administrative rights on my computer so can't download. I feel cutoff from the world. NO LIKEY!

DAMNIT... I only wasted five minutes. More to come if I don't find something else to do this afternoon.


At 7:31 AM, Blogger cursingmama said...

I tend to do the same thing - go all crazy in the morning and then the afternoon drags on (except when we're busy which we are now). Fridays are the worst because all the men folk go golfing and I'm left all alone....okay Fridays are really the best ;)


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