Sunday, January 28, 2007

Alive - and Possibly Well

I'm back from my whirlwind travel of the last week or so. I've been in 8 planes in just over a week. My belly has popped - which isn't saying much since I always have had a belly. I'm skinny everywhere (due to 1st tri sickness) and have this bump in the front that is unmistakeably all baby.

I haven't thrown up but once in the last 2 weeks! I'm attributing the one puking episode to the awful flight I took on the way home that day. The turbulence was so bad the flight attendants were not allowed to leave their seats till about an hour into the flight. There is a reason they don't let pregnant women on roller coasters. I felt like my baby was in my rib cage and then slammed back down on my cervix over and over again. Everyone was eyeing me with worried looks. I was just closing my eyes and trying to soothe the junior in my belly.

So it appears as if I might be off the full fledged sickness stuff. I still feel nauseous in the car on long rides but try to minimize those experiences. I'm worried about starting to take the pre-natal vitamins again. I have a hard enough time pooping as it is (no pun intended) I'm worried that those pills will send me right back to that awful stomach cramping and vomiting. I know I should be taking them - but the Doc said to start up again when I felt better. I'll get around to it - but it'll probably be when Mr. M holds me down and force feeds them to me.

I'm 16 weeks as of yesterday which means that hopefully I'll be feeling this baby soon. I've felt all kinds of things going on in my belly all of which I attribute to gas or indegestion. So I'm not really sure how I'm going to be able to say "YES" that definetly was baby.

The travel continues in my schedule. I'll be heading to Phoenix in two weeks for a short quality check on our fulfillment department and staying maybe 1 extra day and having Mr. M join me for some warm relaxation. I'm also heading to Fort Lauderdale in the end of March for a week with mom at her time share. We were hemming and hawing over this trip but after we went to Miami for that short time we decided that warmth is definitely rejuvenating for us and we need to squeeze as much in as possible before its too late to travel for me.

I'm off to go swimming with my sister at her health club. Can't wait to experience the pregnancy swimming that I hear is amazingly boyant. Just hope the swimsuit still fits - because there is NO WAY I'm buying a maternity swim suit. I'll go two piece before that happens.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger The Frog Princess said...

I spent the first seven months of my pregnancy throwing up so I know exacty how you feel. I didn't like the pre-natal vitamins much either, especially because they're the size of mini footballs! The only thing that helped me from heaving them back up was to take them at night before I went to bed. As long as I can get them down, I sleep through any ill effects.

Hope the morning sickness wears off soon!

At 6:42 AM, Blogger kimmykins13 said...

Oh, glad you are feeling better. I had my fingers xxx for you from the last post. Have fun in Phoenix, I lived there for a year and 1/2 (well, actually Scottsdale - but its a burb of Phoenix) when I took a job out there. It was to far from home so I ended up moving back but I sure had fun! Still have friends out there so I go back for visits. Have you been there before?


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