Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shake Your Booty

I've been in Atlanta for the last 4 days vomiting no less than 4 times a day each day. Surrounded by an enthusiastic food pusher who talked baby talk to me "are you feewing betteeeww sweety-pie?". Errr, no and fuck off. (father in law for those of you who are wondering)

I had 2 meltdowns on the trip - the "OH MY GOD I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE" kind of meltdown with sobbing and vomiting and the whole loveliness of hormone infused freak out.

I told myself that I had to stick it out until today - just make it to the 20th at 2:10 and you don't have to think a minute past 2:10.

Today was our first Dr.'s appointment - because the clinic I selected (with the roomy and luxurious birthing suites) doesn't see people until 10 - 12 weeks of their pregnancy. I don't know why I needed someone in a white lab coat to tell me that Yes, I am pregnant, and oooooh you poor baby - but I did damnit.

We had little to no wait at all - were escorted in by the sweet little old lady nurse who remembered me from past annual check-ups. First thing she said was "OOOOH you changed your name! Congratulations!" How much sweeter could you get!

Then she went over the basic pamphlets of information - all the while I'm thinking "when are they going to test me?" Like - they're just taking my word for it that I'm pregnant and have been vomiting un-controllably. I could totally not be pregnant and wasting everyones time. So she told me to undress and wear the little butt flappy gown - which Mr. M secured on the tightest of loops so as not to have much in the way of cold breezes.

I sat on the torture platform with my black socked feet swinging. Then I got dizzy - very dizzy - like about to pass out or vomit dizzy. I laid down and for the first time in my life, but my feet in the stirrups to get MORE comfortable.

The Dr. knocked and took one look at me and said, "Stay right where you are, you're white as a sheet and take your feet out of the stirrups - I'll extend the table." Ahhhh - how nice.

So she talks to us for a while, first thing discussed is the vomiting. She's not having it - and neither am I quite frankly. She orders me a scrip immediately for anti-nausea meds. She also says that I'm only gonna feel this for a few more weeks tops anyways - but why suffer any longer. Can you say LOVE THE DR!

She does a brief pelvic exam - apparently my uterus is tipped back. After telling my mother this after the appointment she says, "Oh yea, mine is too, huh.." Interesting that our bodies are externally so different but so internally alike. She also mentions that I have a full bladder, which yes, thanks for noticing I have to pee so bad I may go right here. (I was saving it for the cup - the cup that didn't happen for another 45 minutes).

She looks for a heartbeat with the doppler, giving me all the usual schpiel about don't freak out if you can't hear it right away, it'll take a while. I stopped her mid-phrase. No worries - I won't freak out and I was serious, I'm not scared about that. I don't know why - but I'm just not.

So she searched and searched... to no avail. Read above: tilted uterus. She asks if I want to do a quick ultra-sound just to see it. Sure I do - why the heck not.

She wheels in the big screen with the giant vagina wand. "watch the screen" she instructs.

We watch.

Only seconds later I forget there is a giant plastic penis up in my stuff coming dangerously close to my very full bladder. There it is (she - I think). She looks like a little teddy bear, we've got a picture dead on from the front, she's facing us.

And guess what!

She does a little dance!

Not a little dance - A BIG DANCE. With the arms going and the legs moving. She's dancing like nobody's business. Dance MACHINE I tell you. Mr-M has lost it at this point. We're laughing and giggling and he's tearing up a bit. It was quite awesome.

Everything is perfect - I popped my first anti nausea tonight - hopefully that will help a bit.

I'll be scanning the pics tomorrow - but really its just a blob that only a mother could love... hehehe... me, a mother.


At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Amy said...

I can remember very clearly the first time I heard my oldest's heartbeat. The room I was in, the doctor's unexcited face, and feeling my heart skip a beat. WOW!


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