Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wolves Re-Cap

Earlier in the week I took a most un-wanted trip to Boston. My job is basically to hire people to do market research studies. I track progress and troubleshoot problems that arrise - and they always do.

When we have a high profile client such as this - and a high profile project, I usually travel to the first day of fielding the job in order to ensure that the study is starting off on the right foot. I'm also there to respond to any concerns the Client Service person (from our company) might have and remedy any problems that they might have.

This is the normal part - that I was traveling to the first day off field.

The part that wasn't supposed to happen - and SHOULDN'T have happened was that my client service person DID NOT COME! Instead he sent me out by myself to deal with his insanely high maintenance, high profile, and VERY important client.

She slaughtered me. Throughout the day she complained about our companies lack of communication. Explaining that there is a large diconnect happening. She was upset with the materials we had, the stimulus positioning, the interviewers demeanor. So I took the berating - even though I have nothing to do with the set-up and bidding process of a job so I had no background to go on.

On top of all this I finally got my period that hasn't shown up for TWO MONTHS. I had no tampons to speak of. The bathroom was no help - being that the manager was a twenty something dumbass guy and wouldn't think to put that in the bathrooms of his facility. I asked the women in the phone center - of course they were all 60+ ladies who laughed when I asked them if they would know where I could find a tampon.

I asked the dumbass manager where the closest drugstore is - to which he said "What do you need?" AAAAAAAAAAH YOU STUPID FUCK!

So I crudely crumpled up some toilet paper and tried to hit the bathroom every 5-10 minutes. EXCEEDINGLY heavy flow going on people, like I said - first one in like 3 months. Finally one of the little jewish ladies brought me a pad (which I haven't worn since highschool) that she got next door at the Jenny Craig.

My day started at 8:30AM and ended at 7:30pm. I had bled through my underwear and almost my nice gray slacks. It was awful - the next day I was back in the office to re-cap what had occured. The Client Service team jumped to action and my boss was spitting nails at them for abondoning me out there with this insane client.

Hopefully I haven't totally ruined my chances of impressing the higher ups on the Client Service side of the office as I was really hoping that I could start traveling in that direction. I did handle myself, I think. I really did do the best I could with the resources I had. Hopefully it will look more like I overcame adversity and really pulled it out rather than I was smothered under pressure.

**Sorry to the male readers ( I mean singular - reader)about the period talk - but it made the story so much more incredible that I couldn't leave it out.


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