Monday, September 05, 2005

I Can Give You Ideas

Today while shopping with my sister I stumbled across the pink blender I've been wanting. It was on sale for $100 bucks and we had a 10% off coupon. As well as a 20% off mail in rebate.

Knowing that I've been hinting that I want this new blender for the kitchen I called Mr.M to notify him of my soon to be purchase.

"Hi baby, I'm at Marshall Fields with Sis and the pink kitchenaid mixer I want is on sale! So I think I'm gonna buy it!"


"HELLO?! Are you there?"


"ummmm errr mumble mumble I already bought it"

GOD can I be dense sometimes or WHAT! I ruined a fun surprise that he had planned all because I'm so damn impatient. I feel like poo now.

As I was telling my sister of my current poo feeling due to the fact that I ruined his cute surprise I told her that what I really wanted was a ring. Not a blender or all-clad or any of that crap. I want a ring.... strike that! I don't even really want a RING persay. I want a proposal.

Suzanne's birthday wish list:


That's all I want. No expensive gifts, dinner, or jewelry just a simple "will you..."

Which brings me to my point. (who knew, I actually I have a point!) I would have to say that I am the all time greatest at coming up with surprises for loved ones. Especially in the "how do I propose?" category. I have all kinds of ideas.

The one I thought would be the coolest just recently was this:
We're about to put glass tile on our backsplash in our new kitchen. It's this pretty beachy aqua color. If he would get one of the pieces engraved without me knowing it...a nd just have it say "Suzanne will you marry me?" maybe put the date on it and his name too. Then since he's doing the tiling I'd come home from work one day and be admiring his work and TADAHHH there it is.

The cute part about that idea is that it's there forever. People will buy and sell the house always having that piece of tile that we left our mark on.

Problem with me coming up with all these great ideas is that I set myself up for big time dissappointment when I open the box on my birthday and it truly is just a pink blender.


At 8:18 PM, Blogger Sylvana said...

That is a really great idea!


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