Saturday, September 03, 2005

I Am No Martha

I have to say I'm much more domestic than I was as a teen or even in college.

However, by no means am I any of the following:

a good cook
a perfectionist
housewife material

Sometimes I wish I would have gotten the "clean freak" gene that my mother has. Although she does seem to have quite a bit of stress regarding the cleanliness of her house. I could do without that.

This kitchen remodeling job has caused our house to become absolutely disgusting.
There are dirty dishes in the bathroom sink, a layer of dust all over the house, and a definite need of some SERIOUS cleaning.

The reason I'm sitting here typing this and not actually doing this cleaning is because I have too many roadblocks. The roadblocks are as follows:

Water isn't hooked up to the sink or the dishwasher yet so dishes can be washed.
Vacuum cleaner seems to be broken as I'm getting NO SUCKAGE PEOPLE!
Cardboard is taking over the house and the recycling bin is full.
Have too many of the wrong drawer fronts from IKEA and not enough of the right ones.
Dining room is still in the entryway can't move until the cardboard does.
In general I'm just a lazy person

So because of those reasons I sit here and type this and watch the rerun of the MTV VMA awards. Yea, I know... Martha's got nothing on me.


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