Thursday, September 01, 2005

Countertops and Babies


I thought we were nearing the end of the kitchen construction. What I forgot to plan for was the damn countertop.

Did everyone know that it takes 4-6 weeks to get a countertop!!!!???? So, yea maybe if you planned it right it would show up at the exact same time the cabinets were installed, but NO! YOu can't even place an ORDER until they come to measure and all things are in place. So that means construction on the kitchen will not be finished for another 1-2 months. I HATE THIS!

I watched the final epsidode of Six Feet Under last night and OMG was I bawling. When Claire met Lisa at the cemetary and Lisa said to take care of Mia and she would take care of her aborted child... I BAWLED like the big baby that I am.

I also bawled when Claire was sobbing at the wedding. I felt like she was finally releasing all of her grief from everything in her life. She was crying for her unborn baby, her dead father, her mother's new life, her sister-in-laws death etc etc. I loved that scene.

The scene I loved the most though, was when Claire was playing with Mia at the end and scooped her up in her arms as if she were her own. I can totally relate to that. When I'm with family or friend's children, I feel like they are my own. I want to love them and kiss them and smother them with love.

Finally, I must express the sadness I feel for the people on the Gulf Coast. This morning I swore at some lady in traffic on the way to work. Immediately after I did that I felt stupid. Stupid because why should I be getting all worked up about something so small. People have lost their houses and some have lost their family members. I can not imagine a pain more great than losing people you love. If I lived closer I would offer them all a place in my home, food, clothing... whatever. Take all I have.

My feelings are mixed when I hear about the looting. I just don't understand how people in crisis, where lives are at stake are really thinking about big screen TV's and money!!??? Is this just a product of our messed up materialistic society?

Says the girl who's bitching about her countertops taking so long for her new f*ck*ng kitchen.


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