Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This Is War!

For those of you in the corporate world... or maybe not even just the corporate world, I suppose this topic would apply to anybody going to a "potluck" sort of gathering where you bring your food item of choice to the table for others to enjoy.

I, being the insanely competitive person that I am, see these events not as nice social gatherings but rather as WAR!

Bringing the most delicious dish, made from scratch, you want the recipe DON'T YOU! is the goal I have in mind for each of these occasions. Since my company seeks out reasons to eat (no really, it's WEDNESDAY we should have a potluck don't ya think?)I get many chances to go to battle over who can bring the most sought after food item quite frequently.

So far I've brought:

A cheese ball - yes, I really did and yes, it was tasty and dorky and YAY FOR ME!

Rice Krispy Bars with Chocolate Smeared on Top - per co-workers request, usually I wouldn't stoop to this level

Ginger-Nutmeg Spiced Muffins - mmmm these were excellent, but most were eaten before noon.

Key Lime Pie Tarts - miniature little key lime pies, definitely a big hit.

Which brings me to the upcoming potluck for the pre-Labor Day Weekend (SEE I told you they find ways). What to make?

Now that I have my stove back in working order and my refrigerator in the kitchen instead of the dining room the world is my oyster and I can tap back into my inner cook. Unfortunately I still don't have much of a countertop (pressboard) or a sink (in the living room) so my options are a tad bid limited. I can always do dishes in the laundry basin downstairs and use my roll out cutting board for counterspace if needed.

Here's some ideas I've been mulling around:

Crock Pot Baked Beans - I have this excellent recipe from my old daycare lady.

Marshmallow Melty Brownies - tried this recipe out about a month ago at a friends house because I JUST COULDN'T WAIT for my kitchen to be done... these were lovely.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread - my specialty and I have 4 overripe bananas just asking for it

That's all I have for ideas. Which is pretty slim considering most days I just read food blog after food blog in search of the perfect meal. I would make my famous potstickers but those have to be eaten immediately from pan to mouth I think.

Who's got a recipe or idea for me? I HAVE TO WIN!

errrr I mean... I'd really like to bring something tasty for my co-workers to enjoy.

no pressure.


At 11:33 AM, Blogger cursingmama said...

jeeze - if I worked there I'd weigh like 12 million pounds, no exaggeragtion. So, my super easy, knock 'em dead, begged to share the recipie pot-luck item is as follows:
1 box of easy angel food cake mix (just add water type- but don't)
1 can of lemon pie filling

*preheat the oven to a temp I can't remember(somewhere in the area of 350)
**I also think you need to grease & flour the jelly roll pan
***CAREFULLY mix the pie filling into the cake mix -don't add anything else
****pour it into the pan and bake it until its done
*****after it cools top it with sprinkled powder sugar OR cream cheese frostening from a can
******ALWAYS "Forget" to bring the very hard and involved recipie.

I need coffee so ignore the bad spellllinggg

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