Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Feel a Blog Post Coming On

I woke up this morning rather happy and excited as my dear man is coming home tonight.

I decided to stop for starbucks this morning as a special treat.

I got to work and my boss was coming in at the same time I was. Good morning's were exchanged.

here's where it starts to piss me of

I open my inbox and there is an email ... I'm getting reemed for not saving the most recent questionnaire file to the G drive blah blah blah.

I grit my teeth and right a "smooth over" email.

I get another email from my Cool Boss (CB) saying that my co-worker was nice enough to point out that it was in fact my turn to go to a networking event since she's gotten to go the last few times and travel for the National Conference. I respond to CB saying that I'd love to go to the networking event as long as it didn't hurt my standing for going to the next National Conference.

Maybe things will actually be nice today!:D

This morning before putting on my shoes I sprinkled a little bit of baby powder in them, since I'd be going with out socks or nylons. Don't like the sweaty stinky feet all day... ya know. Which seems like a logical thing to me.

Office Asshole (OA) says in the loudest most booming voice possible "WHAT THE HECK IS ALL THIS WHITE DIRT ALL OVER THE FLOOR???!!!"

My head snaps around and I say "well, lets deduce the possible answers to that question."


Shaking my head and turning back to my computer, "why do I even bother listening to you"

OA walks away grumbling.

now I'm seething.. just a little bit. Why should I be embarrassed about trying to not have stinky sweaty feet at work. You should be embarrassed if you DIDN'T take the precautions to avoid such an undesirable condition of the feet.

I get an email response from CB. Turns out that I should probably take the opportunity to go to this networking event now because I may never get to go to the National Conference. Because, even though they spout of on a regular basis about how they want us to get as much training, experience, and networking as we can relating to our jobs, they dont' really mean it. They really mean - only the big wigs who don't actually do any of the work should have these opportunities and us peons should just go back to our cubes and lower our eyes when they pass.

I have to say I liked the company I got hired for. I really did. I don't like the company I've been merged into. I don't think they value all the job levels. The old company cared about you even if you were only there a month. You were treated with the same respect and given the same opportunities as the people who had been there 25+ years. This new company is not impressing me.



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