Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I Feel Like Poo

Tooth still hurts. Or should I say... gaping hole in my mouth still hurts.

Went back to the oral surgeon this morning to have the original packing removed and another one put in. It felt so good to have it taken out... only for a few seconds though, since the other one got jammed in.

I didn't sleep more than 4 total hours last night. Pain was awful.

I miss my man. Badly. Not that he'd be able to do anything about how I'm feeling right now, but it's just nice to know somebody is there ya know?

My family has been great. Calling, checking in on me. My sister, whom I believe was instructed to do so by my father, invited me over last night and made dinner. Even though I ate almost nothing it was a sweet gesture.

Today I didn't make it past noon at work. The pain was so naggingly awful I couldn't take it anymore and just said, "I'm outta here." They seemed to understand.

Once I got home I took a half a vicoden and passed out till 6 oclock. I immediately felt nauseous, hot, and sweating. How can a stupid little tooth have this much affect on my body. It's absolutely infuriatingly frustrating.

I want to call Mr. M and tell him how crappy I'm feeling but I won't. I don't want him to feel guilty about not being here. I want him to give his full attention to his project and do it without a cloud of guilt hanging over his head. I just wish I could feel better.

On a happier note. The tile for the kitchen arrives tomorrow!


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