Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So You're Sick of The Kitchen Talk...

I'm sorry to hear that... but TOO BAD! Cause I'm on a roll people.

Yesterday I picked up what I hoped to be the LAST of the IKEA cabinets for the kitchen. Silly silly me... to think that you could ever STOP going to IKEA. I imagine they have me and MR.M's picture up in the employee break room, since we HAVE to be "customer of the month" award winners.

Amalah has already documented what is pretty much my same experience with IKEA thus far. What I don't get is when they act like, "Your KIDDING?!? All the pieces were there????!!!". Ummmm yea dillhole of course the pieces weren't there because you are now 3 for 50 on getting stuff to me the right way. I should get a damn reserved parking space.


Ok, so last night we had a huge fight after opening the boxes for the final cabinets. Naturally, this occurs everytime we so much as pick up an AKURUM cardboard box or even LOOK at one. We have concluded that it is the evil of IKEA to cause hate and cursing at your love one. Bastards.


So, now I spend my work days looking for pink gadgets to adorn my new 50's aqua kitchen. Let me compile the list of wonders that I drool over daily:

Anything On This Site Please

The TOASTER put on this earth obviously for me and my kitchen. SHHHHH, we don't talk about money on this site, oh no we don't.

This will most definitely be mine. I am predicting a birthday gift and if that doesn't happen, well I'll just buy it for myself. So POO on YOU.

I did find a pink vintagecan opener that you attach to the wall. It's perfect.

These come in pink (although only pictured in Red) and I wouldn't mind keeping my baking supplies in them on the counter top. Yes, that would be very cute.

I'm looking for a pink food processor, which apparently doesn't and will never exist.

Might need to look for a pink tea-kettle but they seem to be readily available.

So if you're all sufficiently sick of my pink mania - I give you permission to stop reading now.


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