Saturday, July 14, 2007

Due Date Arrives

Today is the 'due date' for this child to leave my body. Do I think it's going to happen? Not sure... probably not, but it would be cool. Yesterday I left work early (around 2:45) because lower pelvic back pain had become a bit unbearable sitting in my chair at my desk. If that were the only thing I was feeling I would have toughed it out, but I also had explosive diarrhea that morning and I was feeling contractions during my conference calls.

So I figured what is the point of sitting here in all this pain - I need to go and take care of myself. As I left people eyes got big when they saw me packing up my stuff, wishing me luck, telling me they hoped they didn't see me on Monday. It was a little weird - like they were sending me off to battle.

When I got home I ran a warm bath - put on some music and laid there a bit. Then I tried to nap but the whole world kept calling me (friends, family, Mr. M). I probably slept for a total of 30 un-interrupted minutes. Then I got up and my mom arrived. We walked briskly around the neighborhood for about 45 minutes - me contracting the whole way, while she tried to distract me.

Contractions are a weird thing - for those of you who are early in pregnancy or have never been pregnant. My contractions - they don't feel like how I THOUGHT they would feel, or how the books describe them, or how anybody describes them for that matter. Yes it gets kinda tight, but it feels more like I have a large, heavy ball on my butt - then in the front it feels like the baby pushes out and curls up tighter in a ball. So - I assume they are contractions, I can't say they have a definitive start and end. That's another difficult one when it comes to "timing". I can't really time them right now - because I can't find the start or the end, I just know when I'm having one. They sneak up on you.

I leak a lot - and I could freak out and be a first time mom and say "OH MY GOD MY WATER IS BREAKING", but in reality I think there is just a lot of stuff that comes out of us pregnant women at the end of pregnancy and it's quite difficult to determine what is pee, what is discharge, and what is amniotic fluid. I almost wish they'd send you home with a few litmus testing strips so that when you find yourself wet you can easily take a little check and not feel like a dumbass when its really just that you sweated through your underwear.

I had continuous contractions last night - from about 4:30 till the time I went to bed at 10:30. I had trouble falling asleep because of the pain, but once I relaxed - they did stop and I got a good solid night of sleep. I feel energized this morning and well rested. I already had my breakfast of champions (fruity pebbles!) and am waiting for Mr. M to wake up so we can go for a walk.

I'll keep updating as the weekend goes on - as long as I get times to myself that is. Which is hard since if you see yesterday's post - the whole world is on their way. I'm being swarmed.


At 6:57 PM, Blogger Elizabeth Blair York said...

S -

You three are SO in my thoughts right now. Fingers, toes, and all other bendable appendages crossed!

And yes, those are contractions - big ball on butt is actually how I described them too. They change around though, very strangely.

(aka corporate mommy)

At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Amy said...

My thoughts are with you also. Weeeee!

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Kait said...

Hmmm... I have those same feelings, so maybe I'm having more contractions that I thought. I did have some false labour last week, which (in the middle of Ikea) was not all that much fun.

I hope that your baby girl arrives soon, and that your birth goes exactly how you want it.

Good luck with the pesky outside world. I say unplug the phone and just relax.

At 7:12 AM, Blogger kimmykins13 said...

I think you must have had your baby because you have not blogged since Saturday - your due date. I hope everything went well. I'm sure it did! Anxiously awaiting to hear about your little girl!

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Elizabeth Blair York said...

[peeks in, looking for news]


good wishes love good wishes cheer good wishes strength good wishes faith good wishes hugs good wishes strength good wishes

[ducks back out]

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Christina said...

My Goodness....if she is here I hope all is well!
I kmow I am not the only one who cant wait to hear all about it.


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