Saturday, June 23, 2007

37 Weeks

We went to Ba.bies R' Us last night and made the last purchases that we think we'll need for this babies arrival. $200 later I was having a mild panic attack and our car was filled to capacity.

Something about buying the little essential items really got to me. As if it wasn't real until I purchased bottles or breast milk freezer bags. Like this giant belly I have or the BH contractions were not an effective enough sign that a baby arriving in our home might be imminent. I must be slightly deranged.

Our birthing class met for the last time on Tuesday evening. We learned about bathing, diapering, and very little feeding. Speaking of feeding... I keep having these dreams about breast feeding where my boobs are just gushing milk. It's very weird.

I think I've figured out what to do about the 'work from home' thing. I've decided to take my laptop home every night and forward my desk phone to my cell before I leave. That way if I'm not feeling up to it the next day I just make a call to my boss and let her know that I'll be telecommuting that day. My boss is encouraging me to take set days as well - like Monday's and Friday's and play it by ear Tues - Thurs. We're going to discuss it more on Monday, but let's face it I only have 3 weeks left till I was going to be on maternity leave anyway so it's not like I need to really fret about it.

I should have a new picture this evening when Mr. M gets home for the official 37 week shot. We're going to an early screening of the new Michael movie - can't wait!


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