Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nesting Anyone?

I didn't think I would fall prey to the usual "nesting instinct" that I hear most pregnant woman experience. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I'm like a home improvement FIEND! Here's what we've currently got going on in our home:

  • New hardwood floors in entryway and Mr. M's office
  • New carpet in living room and dining room
  • Prime and paint baby's room
  • New furniture (couch, chair, desk, file cabinet, dresser for baby girl)
  • Ripping up carpet in current office and found hardwood floors!!! Therefore, refinishing hardwood floors in office.
So what this means is I have more cardboard in my home than I care to admit. I've thought about tricking the little kids down the block into thinking it was great fort making materials but haven't had the guts to approach them. They'd probably wonder whats with the crazy pregnant lady with the piles of cardboard.

I also can't help with any of these renovations since I can't be around paint, sanding, staining, or polyurethane. Which is insanely frustrating when I'm the one with the nesting urge. I just want it to be clean when baby girl arrives. I also would like to be proud of my home when we have family/friends pouring in the weeks after baby girl is born.

I'm also feeling exceedingly put off at work. Staying home when baby arrives is looking more and more appealing. Especially since I have NO IDEA where to start with searching for childcare. I'm totally at a loss on the daycare front. I'm touring a daycare center close to my work next week. I don't think its possible for them to show me anything that would make me want to leave my baby at a daycare center, but we'll see. Trying to keep an open mind.


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