Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Boring Part of Pregnancy

I'm now in that gray middle area of pregnancy and it seems to be inching by at a snails pace. I'm 26 weeks pregnant today. Here's the current update:
  • Belly is exceedingly noticeable and I can no longer pass for maybe not pregnant just fat.
  • All maternity clothes, all the time - remind me again why I was excited about wearing them.
  • Starting to get difficult to move, bend over, stand up, roll over, etc.
  • Vaginal Discharge has reached an all time high - and frankly I'm disgusted
  • I officially can't see my vagina - and therefore can't shave my bikini area, which I'm sure makes me even MORE attractive*
  • Mucus membranes are are hyper drive. I wake up with my nose clogged and it ain't pretty when I blow.
  • I believe I have gotten myself a cavity which I blame entirely on the first trimester throwing up everyday. That much stomach acid can't be good for your teeth. Dentist appt May 15th - but they told me it could just be gum sensitivity which is common during pregnancy.
  • Stretch marks are still being held at bay - I have none.... yet. I've been slathering the senseless lotion on everyday in hopes that by sheer will they will not surface.
  • Weird dry patches on my boobs - where my skin flakes off. It could be from the baby powder I'm applying liberally everyday under my boobs and in my cleavage to hopefully prevent any sort of rash. Warm + Dark + Moist = yeast infection. And yes, you can get them ANYWHERE. I haven't gotten one yet, but the midwife said to be on the lookout.
  • Sudden swelling of feet occurred at work the other day. Holy HELL was that painful. I went to the mall at lunch at bought a new pair of shoes it was so bad.
I have my Gestational Diabetes screen next Monday which I hope I pass because I REALLY do not want to deal with diets and more needles. My midwife, the genius that she is, prescribed me a medication for topical numbing which should hopefully help with my needle phobia. She told me to put it on both arms before the screen then I can just sit back and close my eyes when they do the blood draw. MAGIC!

Birthing class starts April 23rd - and I'm looking forward to it. However, I realize I'm a bit more educated than others who will be taking the class and we may be spending quite a bit of time learning about things I've already covered in my constant research and reading.

Major home improvement has been taking place here and will continue until Junelips is born. We're getting new floors, new carpets, new furniture, and painting the baby's room. Where does the money come from you ask? Mr. M got a substantial bonus, we got a substantial tax return, and I got a surprise Spot Bonus from work. Totaling about $11,000 - which I believe at the end of all this we will have spent completely.

I finally broke down and bought baby girls coming home outfit. Its the only item of clothing I plan to buy - its absolutely adorable and makes my uterus contract just looking at it. hehe


At 3:06 PM, Blogger Kait said...

Oh my gosh! I change my underwear twice a day (I figure it's better for the environment if I'm doing a little larger wash load, rather than throwing liners into the garbage)!! I mean, you read that it will happen to you, but yeah. You don't get it until you're actually experiencing it.


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